Rave Reviews

Intuitive Coaching & Energy Healing

Helped Me Feel Like Myself Again

“What started out as just a phone call to someone I saw on the internet has changed my life in so many good ways. Toni, you have helped me feel like myself again.”

Deborah N.

My Intuition Can Be Trusted

“Before I met Toni, there were things I just knew and coincidences that I felt but didn’t know exactly what they were about.  I second guessed myself all the time and sometimes felt and showed fear of taking the next step.  With Toni and her wonderful sessions, we figured out why I was stuck, fearful, and doubted myself. 

I have learned to change what was and make a new story.  This has helped me see that my intuition can be trusted and turn out correct each time.  Also, many other areas of senses have grown, which is very exciting!  She is an inspiring teacher and easy to know, very down-to-earth but extremely knowledgeable about this subject of intuition. 

This program is for anyone who has fears, doubts, sense things, sees things, or just know things and wants to find out how it is all connected.  I highly suggest you discover the areas your inner self is trying to show you with Toni.”

Peggy P.

Amazing and Extraordinary Coach

“Toni is an amazing and extraordinary coach who has inspired me to take charge of my life. She has encouraged me to pursue my dreams and to make the necessary changes in my life to be able to create the life that I deeply desire to live. It’s incredible to see and feel the transformations that are manifesting themselves into my life. I’m tremendously grateful to her for her support and for her valuable knowledge and expertise!”

Pamela S.

No More Feeling Negative

“Before the coaching sessions with Toni, I was feeling lost, confused and just unsure of what my next move should be. Toni has taught me several techniques to help me get through several real-life situations. For instance: dealing with anger, before if I got upset or angry I would bottle it in and that negative feeling would last several days or even longer. Eventually, that anger would either send me spiraling down a dark hole of negativity or it would blow up at the slightest little annoyance. I truly wasn’t happy with those results and I wanted to find a better option but didn’t really know where to start. Toni helped me find the tools I need within myself to alter that course, and it was put to the test almost instantly. With the knowledge fresh in my mind I was able to release that anger and it was completely gone by the end of the day. No more feeling negative about one little thing that happened to upset or anger me for days or even weeks on end. Every individual is different and it’s important for everyone to find the tools or techniques that work for them. I honestly believe that Toni is more than capable of helping anyone find what they need to make their life a happier one. Thank you, Toni.”

Kelly L.


[Heal Your Heart Meditation for Grief and Loss] “Toni, I want you to know that this meditation is Wonder-filled! I am a musician/spiritual seeker, and this is one of the best meditations I have encountered. Thank you for your generosity in giving those “in need” the opportunity to “find” you. (Well, I guess there are no accidents here!) Blessings to you!”

Barbara S.

Nurturing and Safe

“Toni Cay Snyder is such an inspirational human being. She is kind, encouraging, positive, and empathetic. While I was hesitant at first to open myself up so much, I found that coaching with Toni is like talking to my best friend: nurturing and safe.

During our coaching sessions, she has worked extraordinarily hard to find the best strategies to guide me to a place of total self-reflection where I can identify my next steps and the path that will take me there. I have experienced moments of complete clarity during our sessions and unlocked parts of my personality and things that hold me back that I may never have figured out without her help.

I trust Toni explicitly, and my life is a better place with her in it!”

Danielle S.

My Intuitive Guidance Continues to Grow with Certainty

“Before I began working with Toni, my life felt like it was at a standstill to include feeling stuck in painful patterns and the lack of confidence to take any steps toward change.  Toni has provided me invaluable tools and new ways of thinking to realize positive change in my life. 

Since enrolling in the Intuitive Mastery Mentoring program, I have directly experienced an enhanced sense of my intuitive guidance which continues to grow with certainty as I apply the techniques she teaches.  As I continue to expand and evolve, Toni’s coaching meets me right where I need her most.  Working with Toni has allowed me to know myself and the world around me in powerful new ways!”

Jacque G.

Remarkable Wisdom and Insight


“Since hiring Toni as an intuitive healer and life coach, my joy and satisfaction have expanded in every area from success in my career to cleaning up my past.  I am experiencing new and profound levels of love and peace.

I’ve trusted Toni with my darkest moments in which she shined her beautiful light allowing me to rediscover my personal power… showing me that it always existed and helping me to remove my blind spots to its awareness.

Once you experience an intuitive reading from Toni, there is no turning back.  She is the real deal channeling remarkable wisdom and insight that, in turn, is completely practical and easy to apply to everyday life.”

Jacque G.

The Alchemist

Rising Vibrations east of the full moon
I find her there
Feet barely grazing ground
Here and Beyond all at once

my puzzle pieces
words, scattered about the floor
sensing the picture,
    …just,  out   of   reach

The Alchemist, sees my pieces
and gathering them with love
she helps me feel
she helps me form

the picture I knew was there

the picture I knew was me

Jean P.

I Feel More Energetic, Vibrant, Focused

“I wasn’t sure how this online coaching session was going to work out… but something inside of me kept telling me it was safe… so I pursued on this session which I couldn’t be more grateful for. Toni is such a sweet, beautiful, precise, so fun coach. She nailed on more than a couple of issues so easily…and I was like WOW… so surprised with how the session went. I really feel I crossed a mental boundary.. and since the session, I’ve been feeling so much more energetic, vibrant, focused… and things started unfolding in such a miracle-type of way. It’s like if my door to the Universe opened even more. Thank you so much Toni, and thank you, QSCA for offering this opportunity.”


Feel Safe, Heard, Cared For, and Guided

“A conversation with Toni is like a Million Dollars! Toni is a special person put on this earth to do what she’s doing… teaching, coaching, healing, soothing. Her soft caring voice both soothes and empowers you. You feel safe, heard, cared for, and guided. She has many tools/knowledge to help guide you through to your life’s purpose and desire. Toni is a true gift to have in your life!”

Maureen K.

Numerology Reading

So Loving and Positive

[Numerology Chart Reading] “It really helped me put into a larger picture sort of context how I got to this place of feeling so weakened and what I can do to feel strong again.

I will be completely honest and say that I don’t know a ton about numerology, other than it’s always seemed really interesting to me. Before this reading, I knew that we all have a life-path number, but I didn’t really know much beyond that. So I went into it with an open heart and the possibility of learning something new, which I certainly did.

I’ve known Toni for the past year, and every interaction that I’ve had with her has been so loving and positive. She is someone who really understands what it’s like to feel burned out and hopeless, and she knows how good it feels to empower yourself to follow your heart and live the life you were born to live.

Based on my name and birth date, Toni was able to share each piece of my life path – including the possible highs and the possible lows. It was uncanny how spot on she was, and she helped me better understand how I got to this place that I’m currently in and how I can get myself to where I want to go. I believe that nothing is wasted and that we can find something positive from every experience, and so this reading was great confirmation of that for me. I learned that there are two sides to each number – one that’s a higher vibration and one that’s a bit lower, and we get to decide which side we want to focus on. My thoughts have certainly been focusing on how tired I feel and how frustrated I am, and Toni’s reading helped me see that I can instead be focusing on all of the gifts that are coming from this current experience. Such a great reminder!

It was a great reading, and I’m so grateful to Toni for it. If you are curious about your own numbers or about numerology, I highly recommend connecting with Toni to learn more.”

Jodi Chapman

She Made My Life Make Sense

“Everyone needs to have a numerology reading from Toni!!! She is amazing and she’s so incredibly gifted with her intuition and in her delivery. She made my life make sense!!! I finally feel as though I understand why I am the way I am.”

Pamela S.

I Loved Working With Her

[Numerology Chart Reading] “Toni has such an exuberant and infectious energy! I loved working with her. The information she delivered to me was total confirmation. She also provided suggestions on how I can work on my blocks which were easy and doable. Thank you, Toni!”

Yvonne P.

Answered All of My Questions

“Toni compiled a Numerology chart for me and gave me my reading this week. I just loved it! First of all, she’s an excellent coach which comes through in the way she delivers the reading. There is a lot of information included in the chart but her ability to break down the components, explain the meaning and make the connections between the different sections is masterful. She obviously knows Numerology very well; she answered all of my questions without hesitation and gave me lots of suggestions to boot. Toni really knows her stuff!!”

Carolyne S.

Very Helpful and Educational

[Numerology Chart Reading] “Toni Cay really nailed it for me: a better-detailed vision of just who I am; how I respond to any given situation; the pros and cons of each piece of numerical information provided, which was very helpful and educational; how to integrate this information into everyday living. I will use this information now and in the future. Thank you, Toni Cay!”

Kelly H.

Put My Life Into Perspective

“I had a numerology reading done, and I was very happy with the accuracy of the information. Toni provided a detailed and in-depth report that helped me to put things that happened in my life into perspective. Toni is very pleasant and wonderful to interact with.”

Polina B.