Toni Cay Snyder, Ph.D.

Helping You Find the Wisdom Within

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Toni Cay Snyder wants to live in a world where men and women discover their intuitive superpowers and wear capes and Spandex costumes to the grocery store.

Before becoming a sought-after intuitive counselor, spirituality coach, and energy healer, Toni earned advanced degrees in architecture, engineering, and holistic nutrition, as well as a jeweled crown for surviving a long stint as a homeschooling Army wife.

When she's not inspiring, uplifting, and restoring hope, you can find this fiery redhead enjoying meditative walks, doing yoga and Pilates, kissing her kids and cats (not necessarily in that order), and loving all things magical, mystical, and metaphysical.

Toni's most popular program — Intuitive Counseling — is now available with limited spots each month. Get the details and reserve your first free session HERE.


A few of Toni's qualifications and certifications...
* Professional Intuitive Counselor
* Spiritual Advisor 
* Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach
* Ph.D. in Holistic Nutrition
* Energetic Arts Practitioner
* Reiki Master/Teacher
* Certified Blueprint Numerologist
* Akashic Records Specialist
* Certified Fairyologist (yes, really!)
* Light Body Graduate


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