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I didn't pay attention to it...

...and I made poor choices and stayed stuck in self-pity, grief, and "not-good-enough" because of it. I used to ignore
the gut feelings, the hunches, the whispers ~ MY INTUITION ~ until something life-altering happened that changed everything.

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Remarkable Wisdom and Insight


“Since hiring Toni as an intuitive healer and life coach, my joy and satisfaction have expanded in every area from success in my career to cleaning up my past.  I am experiencing new and profound levels of love and peace.

I’ve trusted Toni with my darkest moments in which she shined her beautiful light allowing me to rediscover my personal power… showing me that it always existed and helping me to remove my blind spots to its awareness.

Once you experience an intuitive reading from Toni, there is no turning back.  She is the real deal channeling remarkable wisdom and insight that, in turn, is completely practical and easy to apply to everyday life.”

Jacque G.

Nurturing and Safe

“Toni Cay Snyder is such an inspirational human being. She is kind, encouraging, positive, and empathetic. While I was hesitant at first to open myself up so much, I found that coaching with Toni is like talking to my best friend: nurturing and safe.

During our coaching sessions, she has worked extraordinarily hard to find the best strategies to guide me to a place of total self-reflection where I can identify my next steps and the path that will take me there. I have experienced moments of complete clarity during our sessions and unlocked parts of my personality and things that hold me back that I may never have figured out without her help.

I trust Toni explicitly, and my life is a better place with her in it!”

Danielle S.